About Us

Echo provides its participants opportunities for personal growth as they work and serve on the team, interact with people from all walks of life, and handle difficult situations. These opportunities and challenges are designed to push our interns out of their comfort zones and past their preconceived assumptions, in order to learn how to trust genuine Truth. Through participating in diverse service opportunities our interns will learn and grow into new levels of maturity. 


Day to day

Students spend most days at NorthRock Church, which does not leave time for a job. They volunteer in a variety of ways throughout the church. Not only are they developing a foundation in Christ, but are also learning practical skills in leadership, organization, and time management. The day to day life in Echo always begins with an hour of prayer time, and typically involves book studies, projects, and specific ministry training. Along with that, the students also volunteer with non-profits. Here are various non-profits the students have participated with:

Gateway Foursquare District

NorthRock Church

Via Love International

Operation Christmas Child

Celebrate Recovery

Summit Foursquare Church

Centerpoint Church




Echo students have the opportunity to take two online classes a semester through Life Pacific College. After two years of Echo, students will have completed a typical years worth of credits. These classes are biblical foundation classes, which enrich student's biblical knowledge and theology.

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host homes

The students in Echo are housed by a family within NorthRock Church. Not only do these families provide for the basic needs of each Echo, but also challenge and equip them throughout the year. The students are expected to join the family and experience new family dynamics.







At the start of each year students are required to enter a covenant with their peers. This is a huge aspect of life as an ECHO! The covenant outlines the expectations and guidelines we operate in every day. It also bonds the team together as a single unit.

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mission trip

Throughout the entire year students prepare for the spring mission trip. Each student is required to pay for their own missions trip. Luckily, for the past four years, through fundraising, each student has been fully funded. The missions trip is a great end of year opportunity to apply the concepts learned throughout the year.


What Students Are Saying

"I came into Echo broken and searching, and that is where God met me. Echo created an environment for me to find my true identity, a safe place to create authentic relationships. I gained a deeper understanding of who I am, and who He is!"

                                       - Shawn Riley (Echo Graduate)

"I have been taught to walk the vulnerable path with God and with those around me."

                                        - Joseph Coltrin (2nd Year Echo Student)

"Coming into Echo I desired a deeper relationship with God and with the people around me. It provided me with a place to develop a relationship with God that is authentic and personal to who I am. I have built personal relationships with the other people around me in the program."

                                        - Breece Gesick (2nd Year Echo Student)